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Jacqueline C. Satterlee received her Master of Education degree in 1972 and her Bachelor of Arts in French and English Literature in 1967.  During that time she took many  courses in all types of art forms. Her love of art has prompted her to invest a lot of time in art related activities in Upstate New York, where she lives.

contact : libart@free.fr

Jacqueline C. Satterlee a reçu son Diplôme d'Education Supérieur en Enseignement en 1972 et sa Licence ès Lettre en Littérature française et anglaise en 1967. Pendant et depuis ce temps elle a pris de nombreux cours  et ateliers sur une grande variété d'activités artistiques.   

contact : libart@free.fr

Honors- teacher in the news - March 2002 (article in English)