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Born in 1959 of Polish and Dutch descent, CZA, studied painting and photography at the Fine Arts University of Metz.  He started his artistic career in Paris in serigraphy, then as an illustrator and draftsman.

After ten years,  CZA returned to his first love: painting.  His paintings are done in acrylic on wood or canvas. and he looks for inspiration in the myths and symbols of our cultures.

In the last couple of years, CZA has also created many websites which he maintains,  to disseminate and further the knowledge and love of art and art history, as well as sources and resources   for artistic and technical  information.

Noëlle Vignaux - Artiste, Gallery owner, Paris :

“In the paintings of CZA the images break, the planes are fragmented as through the prism of a kaleidoscope, but the subject retains all its share of mystery. His imagination abounds in strong images, a world abounding in shapes and colors where animals, figures, motifs, signs and symbols are united. Between the cloisonné shapes, outlined in black with Cubist perspectives, his composition which is both free and dense, s very structured and invites you to a voyage beyond time…”

You can see more of CZA's paintings on his site:

Après ses études en peinture et photographie aux Beaux-Arts de Metz (France), CZA
débute sa carrière artistique, tout d'abord dans la sérigraphie à Paris.

Il se dirige ensuite peu à peu vers l'édition comme illustrateur.
Un nouveau tournant dans sa carrière l'amène vers la publicité ou il sévit en tant que roughman.

Trouvant le milieu trop étriqué pour s'exprimer, il décide de revenir à sa passion première : la peinture.

Pour d'autres oeuvres de CZA visitez son site:

ArtVisions represents CZA for licensing art to publishers and producers of decor, calendars, puzzles, giftware, textiles and prints.
ArtVisions fine-art licensing provides art licensing services to licensees, including publishers and gallery sales.

1989-1990 Publicity Roughman,
Studio Marie Couleur, Paris
1986 Graduated from the Fine Arts School of Metz, France

1st prize Competition winner
Exposition in the gallery from August – January
Art Domain.Com-Ibiza
Mallorca, SPAIN

Cloudeight: May issue

- a collection of letter paper on line

Permanent Expo
Galerie Orsel, PARIS

Permanent Expo
Galerie Artvision
La Tranche Sur Mer, FRANCE

August 25 to September 14,  2003
Square Bean Café,
Hanover Square, Horseheads, NY

June 1,  2003

Montana Mills,
Horseheads, NY

October through December, 2003
123, rue Caulaincourt
75018 PARIS

August 10 to September 7, 2003
La Poste
Pierrefonds, FRANCE

June 1st to the 30th, 2003
123, rue Caulaincourt
75018 PARIS

May 15th to June 30th, 2003
Galerie Artvision
La Tranche Sur Mer, FRANCE

Exposition from May 15th to the 31st, 2003
Galerie Orsel, PARIS

 Thionville (Beffroi)
Villerupt (Town Hall)
 Fontainebleau (Jazz Festival)
Remich (Luxembourg)